T h o s e   W h o   S t a y . . . W i l l   B e   C h a m p i o n s    


"One man can be a crucial
ingredient on a team, but one man
cannot make a team."
— Kareem Abdul-Jabbar



Mission Statement

The City’s mission is to promote the growth of the whole basketball player through development of personal leadership skills, sportsmanship and athletic abilty, providing an unparallelled competetive experience for college-bound athletes. The City fullfills its mission by instilling principles of hard work, perseverance and commitment. We encourage the individual to develop team consiousness. We push players to reach their maximum potential today, so that they can be leaders in our world tomorrow. Through participation in nationwide tournaments and competition at the highest level, young players not only develop court skills, they build character.

 The City Hoops is a culturally inspired grassroots basketball movement sponsored by Under Armour, that helps develop young men in NYC as it relates to education, leadership and basketball. The City Hoops provides an impactful basketball team experience to highly motivated student athletes, while teaching each kid how to use basketball as a tool to succeed in life. The City Hoops will strive to not only get their student athletes into college, but will also help guide each kid to a college degree.

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